A man punches a kangaroo: animal rights activists get shocked. The sexy teacher. Trump tweets. Chemtrails, antivaccines, 30 EUR per immigrant, breaking news: the West is drowning in information overload. False newspapers with true hoaxes, real newspapers with fake news, readers who believe in everything and nothing at the same time. These are the consequences of a click-based model of business. Is everything lost? Maybe not. A group of diehard Italian journalists is trying to put back things in their right places. They are not alone. All over Europe, little groups of resilient journalists stand still. They don’t know each other, but they are all trying to slow down the news feed. Meanwhile, in Oregon, USA, old professor Peter Laufer cultivates the dream of Slow News. Their paths are about to cross. Will they build something new? On the trail of this seemingly impossible mission, Giorgio Montanini, irreverent standup comedian, narrates their stories.

Slow News, directed by Alberto Pulia and produced by IK Produzioni, is one of the selected projects for the 2017 edition of the MIA | DOC Pitching Forum. Click here to find out more about this and other projects.