Yesterday were presented the new projects by Sky Original, which will air on Sky and Now TV. The new series are of the most varied genres, from comedies to those inspired by news stories. The new titles are guaranteed thanks to Sky Studios, the European production company founded a year ago.

Among the projects in progress, for the dramatic genre there is Alfredino – una storia italiana, based on the Vermicino tragedy of 1981. Anna Foglietta, already godmother at the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival, will play Franca Rampi, Alfredino’s mother.

This title is accompanied by Il Re, in which Luca Zingaretti will play a despotic director of a frontier prison. The series is produced by The Apartment, part of the Fremantle group.

In October, work will begin on a comedy, Ridatemi mia moglie, an adaptation of the BBC production I Want My Wife Back and which sees the return of the binomial Fabio De Luigi and Alessandro Genovesi.

These and other titles further enrich the Sky Original catalog that has been formed in the past months: by the end of 2020 We Are Who We Are, by Luca Guadagnino, produced by Wildside (part of the Fremantle group), HBO and Hallogram, and Romulus, created and directed by Matteo Rovere that reconstructs the myth of Romulus and Remus, will be released.

The new year will see the release of the fifth season of Gomorrah, produced by Fandango, Cattleya and Sky, which will see the return of Marco D’Amore and Salvatore Esposito, and Anna, the second series of Niccolò Ammaniti for Sky after The Miracle.