The call for proposals for the co-financing of audiovisual works has been published on the Sicilia Film Commission’s website. 1,5 million euros are provided.

The Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment of the Sicilian Region – Special Office for Cinema and Audiovisual / Sicily Film Commission, intends to promote, within the framework of the Sensi Contemporanei program, original and high-quality film productions and to enhance the image of Sicily through audiovisual works related to the territory in order to boost its relevance, history, culture, landscape, traditions, culinary arts and identity.

The object of the call are works that are not yet in the processing stage, or that have started filming no earlier than 1 January, 2019. The total amount of € 1,525,000.00 is subdivided as follows: firstly € 1,075,000.00 are intended for feature films with a TV or cinema production and for TV series. Then € 400,000.00 will be used to co-finance documentary documentaries and TV series. Finally, € 50,000.00 are provided for short films.

The support in favor of each beneficiary may not exceed the following limits: € 200,000.00 for feature films with a TV or cinema production and for TV series, € 40,000.00 for documentaries and TV series documentary and € 15,000.00 for short films. The aid cannot in any case exceed 50% of the eligible costs for the realization of the audiovisual product.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 6th August, 2019. More information are available on the Sicilia Film Commission’s website.