The SIAE Cinema award has been created in agreement with the Fondazione Cinema per Roma. The prestigious award will go to the screenwriter of Italian nationality or permanently residing in Italy who has not exceeded 35 years of age at the time of application. The prize will be awarded during the next edition of the Rome Film Festival.

The deadline for submission of projects is Friday, July 14. These will then be evaluated by a jury composed of screenwriter Nicola Guaglianone, film producer Carlo Cresto-Dina and composer Pivio.

A way, then, to support new talent and the creative process of writing for images. The winner or the winner, through a prize of 150 thousand euros intended for the production that will make the film (which will be directed by a director in his first or second opus), will thus have the opportunity to see his or her work realized.

To participate in the SIAE Cinema prize announcement, it is necessary that the screenplay has already captured the interest of a producer in making the film and that the producer submits it, along with the screenplay, contracts with the authors and director, budget and financial plan for the film.

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