The 15 drama series projects selected by the MIA|TV Board, composed by international professionals of the television industry, will be presented during the second edition of the Drama Series Pitching Forum. The selected projects will have the chance to be showcased in front of an audience of potential partners for co-productions, broadcasters and financial partners accredited to MIA with the goal of finding the next big name in international series.

Saturday 21st October, Cinema Multiplex Barberini, starting from 9:30 am


4 Words for Love (8×50’)

Produced by Steven Bawol for Helion Pictures (UK)

Created by: Steven Bawol & Richard Hurst


Beatrice Cenci – The Trial (10×60’)

Produced by Roberto Levi for Tangram Films (ITALY)

Created by: Paola Randi and Roberto Levi


Beautiful Minds – Bernini vs Borromini (8×50’)

Produced by Massimo del Frate for Endemol Shine Italia (ITALY)

Created by: Davide Sala, Eleonora Fiorini, Giorgia Mariani


The Brothers Nobel (16×90’)

Produced by Ulrik Bolt for Arena Films (DENMARK)

Created by: Ulrik Bolt, Johanna Ginstmark, Jonas Tarestad, Anders Banke


Cornucopia (10×45’)

Produced by Kjartan Thordarson for SagaFilm (ICELAND)

Created by: Dogg Mosesdottir


Don’t Leave Me (8×50’)

Produced by Mario Mauri for Paypermoon (ITALY)

Created by: Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli


Enemies (8×45’)

Produced by Serena Bowman for Company Pictures (UK)

Created by: Charlotte Wolf


Ko3a Nostra (8×45’)

Produced by Kateryna Vyshnevska for FILM.UA Group (Ukraine)

Created by: Anastasia Lodkina


Red Orchestra (8×50’)

Produced by Wiktor Piatkowski for Bahama Films (POLAND)

Created by: Wiktor Piatkowski 


Replay (10×26’)

Produced by Mathieu Van Del Velde for Black Sheep Films (FRANCE) in association with Jules de Chateleux for Division Paris (FRANCE)

Created by: Rupert Taylor


Survivors (12×50’)

Produced by Mauro Poccioni for Rodeo Drive (ITALY)

Created by: Sofia Bruschetta, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi, Tommaso Matano


The Emperor (10×50’)

Produced by Minna Virtanen for Vertigo Production (FINLAND) in association with Lionel Uzan for Federation Entertainment (FRANCE) and Peter Nadermann for Nadcon Films (GERMANY)

Created by: Antti Pesonen, Minna Virtanen


The Pleasure Principle (8×52’)

Produced by Dariusz Jablonski for Apple Film Productions (POLAND)

Created by Maciej Maciejewski


Venice Rising (8×50’)

Produced by Agostino Saccà for Pepito Productions (ITALY)

Created by: Pietro Seghetti


Woodland (6×60’)

Produced by Ed Thomas for Fiction Factory (UK)

Created by: Jeff Norton