MIA|DOC annually chooses a specific topic for its Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum: a section that could be strategic for the economic development of Italian companies. After the success of Arts&Culture of the 2016 edition, MIA|DOC 2017 will focus on Current Affairs, Investigative Journalism and Human Interest.
Eight projects
from Italian companies (one-off or serial) have been selected by MIA|DOC International Board to be presented to an international audience of excellence – commissioning editors, international distributors and foreign producers.
The eight selected titles, together with the French project Abortion: the pro-life threat, by Alexandra Jousset and Andrea Rawlins-Gaston and produced by Patrice Lorton (Capa Presse)  which was selected at the last edition of the Sunny Side of the Doc, will be presented during a public pitch session, which will be followed by a series of B2B meetings with Italian and international professionals of the audio-visual industry.

The titles of the selected projects for the 2017 edition of MIA|DOC are listed below:

Trying Hard to Breathe by Marco Speroni
Produced by Federico Schiavi for Nacne
LOGLINE: “Now he’s free to rejoin the world of the living. But what is freedom, really?”

Slow News by Alberto Puliafito
Produced by Fulvio Nebbia for IK Produzioni
Co-produced by Andrea ParenaFrancesca Frigo, Enrico Giovannone for BabyDoc Film
LOGLINE: “Can we turn off the news feed?”

Dicktatorship by Gustav HoferLuca Ragazzi
Produced by Marco Visalberghi for DocLab
LOGLINE: “A surprising and revealing journey to discover the everlasting charm and harm of penises, power and politics”

My Missing Sister by Alessandra Bruno
Produced by Raffaele Brunetti for B&B Film
Co-produced by Ilona Grundmann for Ilona Grundmann filmproduction
LOGLINE: “On June 22 1983, 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi, a citizen of the Vatican City State, vanished into thin air. Her brother Pietro has spent the last 34 years tirelessly searching for her. His quest has revealed uncomfortable truths that have brought him up against Vatican authorities, the Mafia and the secret services of several countries”

Valentin, Son of Europe by Antonio Martino
Produced by Valeria CorrealeAndrea Stucovitz for Partner Media Investment
LOGLINE: “Valentin, a 25-year old Romanian man, lives in Belgium with his adoptive family. His mother abandoned him at the age of 7. When he recognized himself in the 2005 documentary “Gara de Nord – copii pe strada” by Antonio Martino as a teenage boy living in the tunnels of the railway of Bucharest, he contacted Martino to tell the rest of his story”

Never Whistle Alone by Marco Ferrari
Produced by Francesca Mezzomo for Candy Glass
Co-produced by Francesco Crespi for Basement srl
LOGLINE: “An investigative documentary in which the audience lives first-hand a corruption case”

The Valley by Nuno Escudeiro
Produced by Andreas Pichler for Miramonte Film
Co-produced by Luc Martin-Gousset for Point du Jour International
LOGLINE: “In the Roya Valley, borderland between Italy and France, refugees struggling to cross the heavy patrolled border are being welcomed and protected by the local villagers. This simple action of solidarity soon became an organized movement of citizens who challenge the current law of hospitality. As the political situation starts to change in France, their action must also change, for many of Roya citizens are being arrested and harassed by the authorities”

Victims No More by Benedetta Argentieri
Produced by Claudio Jampaglia for Possibile Film
Co-produced by Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside
LOGLINE: “Do you know Spartacus, Napoleon and Gandhi? They are women and they live in Middle East”

Abortion: The Pro-life Threat by Alexandra Jousset and Andrea Rawlins-Gaston
Produced by Patrice Lorton for Capa Presse
LOGLINE: “Europeans had come to consider it a fundamental right. But all across the continent, the pro-life movement is striking back. The new pro-life activists are Internet savvy. They know how to lobby and how to find funding abroad. And now European women are starting to pay the price. Will abortion disappear in Europe?”