An intimate family drama of guilt and self-forgiveness is portrayed in day-by-day linear episodes from the lives of a forty-year-old son and his seventy-year-old mother at the time of the father’s illness – a severe stroke – and the resultant coma from which they both try to wake him. The awakening and the father’s healing require them to overcome fear together, to refuse a senseless sacrifice and acquire absolute belief in a miracle that simply needs not to be impeded. In his choice of dealing with autobiographical material, the filmmaker Václav Kadrnka reacts to a concurrence of circumstances, to a resonance of this fundamental experience and its cinematographic depiction.

Saving One Who was Dead by Václav Kadrnka, produced by Sirius Film,  is one of the project of MIA|Cinema Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum. Learn more about this and the other projects clicking here.