Directed by: Fabrizio Cattani
Country: Italy
Production Co: Ipotesi Cinema


A group of young scouts of Pruneto, a small mountain village in northern Italy in the 1920s. Their time is split between school, work and scouting activities: excursions, summer camps, adventures and games. They grow up in the woods, getting to know the mountains like the backs of their hands and most of all, they grow up with the Scout Promise and Law: to help build a better world. But one day in 1927, Don Averno, the priest of Pruneto and leader of the scouts, has to tell them of Mussolini’s government orders of banning scouting and forcing them to become Balilla. Scouting, however, is voluntary and based on democratic principles. So our protagonists choose to run away to the mountains in search of a safe haven where they can defende freedom, even at the risk of their own lives. During the Second World War, they continue their activities in secret playing an important role in the resistance and underground movements. 2.216 persecuted people, including Jews, deserters, draft dodgers, homosexuals, would be saved by Runaways Rebels, who remained hidden underground in the mountain for 16 years.

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