The Bando di Sostegno Produzioni Audiovisive launched by the Marche Region opened today, 26 October 2023, with a total budget of €5,000,000.

The call is dedicated to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to associations and foundations carrying out economic activities and aims at supporting the growth of the audiovisual sector in the Marche region as well as promoting the Marche region’s territory and its identity and cultural heritage.

The budget of the call is allocated as follows

  • €4,000,000 for the production of feature films, series and TV films, of which €400,000 is reserved for the production of animation products;
  • €1,000,000 for the production of documentaries, short films and factuals, of which €100,000 is reserved for the production of animation products.

There are also limits on the duration of the products for which the contribution is requested and ceilings on the intensity of the facilitation, which cannot exceed €500,000 for feature films, €600,000 for series, €100,000 for documentaries, €30,000 for short films and €150,000 for factual products.

For further information please refer to the call for proposals on the Regione Marche website.

Ph Mattia Golinucci/Unsplash