The annual Fondo Regionale per il Cinema e l’Audiovisivo launched by Regione Lazio opens today, Friday 15th September, with a budget of €2,500,000.

The call for applications is open to audiovisual companies operating in the film, television or post-production sectors, whether Italian, European or non-European, with assets of no less than €40,000. This figure drops to €10,000 in the case of short film productions.

The application for funding can be made for film and audiovisual productions that have been recognised as a cultural product and that have taken place at least in part on the territory of the Lazio region.

There is also a constraint on the minimum cost of the work, which cannot be less than:

  • €30,000 for documentaries and short films;
  • €200,000 for feature films.

In any case, the amount granted may not exceed €200,000 per company. However, the financing can be cumulated with other forms of public funding.

For further information, please refer to the call for proposals on the Regione Lazio’s website.

Ph Catherine Kerr su Unsplash