From May 4th, at the same time with the start of Phase 2 of Covid-19 emergency, Regione Lazio allows with caution the possibility to go back to work on the set.

“Going back to the set is the first thing we want to do. We have to secure the conditions to do it: the organization of our set is a complex system, but we have the productive and professional skills to adapt to this new situation, by changing some practices” said Francesca Cima, president of the Anica producers, in an ANSA interview.

To protect the health of workers and artists is fundamental for this recovery. To do this, in agreement between producers’ associations (Anica, Apa and Ape), with the trade unions, the representatives of the artists and the actors, a health protocol has been defined now under consideration by the Civil Protection.

The tests on the health conditions for the artists before shooting, the measurement of the temperature at the entrance and exit of the set, the use of the masks for all the operators and for the actors and the distances to be maintained when possible, are just some of the rules that the security protocol could sanction.

Financial support will be needed to cover the costs due to the reorganization of the set (according to the rules set by the safety protocol) and to the lengthening of processing time; the support will also be a form of guarantee to protect companies in case of new interruptions due to Coronavirus.

The world of cinema is gradually preparing to return to the set: those ready to start again in a short time will be only a few, but a real recovery is expected around June.