1971/08/20. Jan Gerhard, a politician, soldier, writer and celebrity of his time, is murdered in Warsaw. The case is investigated by the best men from all existing law enforcement entities, including Anna, an ambitious forensic scientist, and Henryk, a Civic Militia investigator struggling with war trauma. Within the season Anna and Henryk run the case, checking all the suspects: from Gerhard’s numerous lovers to his political enemies. Most of the suspects and crucial witnesses disappear or commit suicide in mysterious circumstances. Finally, the investigators find a new lead – Red Orchestra, a soviet top-secret espionage network. From this moment, the lives of Anna, Henryk and their families are in danger. The situation becomes even more tense when the killer is found! Gerhard’s future son-in-law is sentenced to death just as Anna and Henrykfind the real killer. Mauser, a professional hitman, gets ‘accidently’ shot before he can reveal anything. Henryk is killed too. In Mauser’s pocket there is a picture of his next target – Lieutenant Colonel Ryszard Kukliński, CIA agent and future national hero. Was he connected to Red Orchestra too?

Created by Wiktor Piatkowski for Bahama Films, Red Orchestra is one of the projects of the MIA | TV Drama Series Pitching Forum. Click here for info on this and all the other projects.