IDM will present at MIA 2021 the projects of the RACCONTI #9 | Script Lab

RACCONTI | Script Lab is an advanced training and script development programme in English, dedicated to professional screenwriters and producers who want to develop projects and refine their skills with the help of international experts and in creative collaboration with colleagues from other countries.

Under the expert guidance of Angelica Cantisani, Creative Advisor of the programme, Eszter Angyalosy, main Script Tutor, Eilon Ratzkovsky, main Production Tutor, and many others, three projects were developed during RACCONTI #9:


Cowboy (by Lisa Maria Kerschbaumer and Cassandra Han)

Let’s do as if (by Cristina Puccinelli)

No baggage (by Tom Sommerlatte and Iris Sommerlatte)


Projects’ presenter of two of them – Cowboy and  Let’s do as if – will be available for one-on-one meetings at Palazzo Barberini in the “Scripted Area Co-production Rooms”, (Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13), from October 14th to the 15th.

 Please find attached the RACCONTI #9 | Script Lab’ book of projects with all the relevant information.

Should you be interested in scouting among the selection please write to:

Alessia De Paoli at