ANART with the support of the SIAE – the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers – and the University of Orsola Benincasa in Naples, presents the trailers of the 10 winning formats of the ProFormat 2017 competition.

MIA and APT arranged a pitch day between the winning authors and producers who are interested in new TV formats, with the aim of promoting creativity and innovation in the broadcasting field. Paolo Marzano, Chairman of the Permanent Advisory Committee for Copyright, introduced the work of the special commission for formats.

Linda Brunetta, President of ANART and of the DOR-SIAE Committee, member of the SIAE Monitoring Board and member of the Permanent Advisory Committee for Copyright, introduced the authors and their formats.

Giancarlo Leone spoke about the “format” issue: the Italian market should pay more attention to formats. From an operational point of view, format recognition is essential to its commercial success: it is difficult to give it a proper definition and placement but we are on the right path. It is essential to start from the paper format, which actualizes what otherwise would only remain an idea, transforming it into a real proposition. The paper format is a declination of the original idea, developed according to the main characteristics of the format. The goal is to get a closer collaboration between producers and authors in order to achieve a pilot at reasonable costs.

Council Member Lidia Ravera, who has worked for five years in Lazio Region to foster young creativity, also intervened: “paper format makes concrete an evocative idea.”

Massimo Cinque introduced the winning formats by calling on the stage the authors and allowing them to describe their formats through a small synopsis and a short video presentation.

Among these formats there are: factuals, realities and dating shows, that ironically take inspiration from reality, like “Baby Shower Party” (Dubbini), a TV proposal that shows women in the delicate stage of maternity; “City Restyling” (Di Leo, Maltese and Zito), inspired by the movements of citizens who denounce situations of degradation by giving a concrete hand to revitalize the city; and “Incontri da brivido” (Musarra and Perretta), a dating show set in an amusement park.