One year after the lockdown, piracy is on the decline. The pandemic seems to have affected a phenomenon that the audiovisual sector has been fighting for years. The results of the Fapav – Ipsos research do not end here, here are all the details.

According to the research “Audiovisual piracy, new habits and illegal behaviours one year after the lockdown”, carried out by the company Ipsos on behalf of FAPAV, the total number of cases falls to 57 million, compared to 243 in 2020 and 69 in 2019.

In particular, the incidence of piracy of films falls to 25%, and for series to 20%. Again, the decline is not only with respect to the lockdown, but also with respect to the pre-pandemic situation.

The decline mainly concerns physical and indirect piracy, while the digital scenario has seen an increase since 2019: against a decline in users of download/P2P services (11%) and streaming (18%), there has been an increase in users of illicit IPTV (21%).

Another increase is in piracy in the live sporting events sector, where illegal acts and incidence are growing by 14%.

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