After the full-acquisition by StoryFirst in September, Pinewood Television rebrands as Twelve Town and pens a deal with producing company Riff Raff, led by actor Jude Law and producer Ben Jackson. Twelve Town, which mantains Helen Gregory (speaker at MIA Market 2017’s panel Powerful Women in Global Entertainment) as Managing Director and Christian Wikander as Director of Co-Production, aims to be a co-producing partner for drama series from U.K. and abroad. In the company’s roster is already included The Child in Time, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kelly MacDonald.

Gregory said: “Twelve Town represents our ambition to develop and produce moderd tv drama series with a global appeal, putting creativity at the heart of the producing process. The deal with Riff Raffi s part of this renovation which arrives in a moment when market is expandig as never before”.