In the first quarter of 2019 56 productions were shot in Piedmont: 5 feature length films (including 2 foreign productions), 2 TV series, 8 documentaries, 8 short films, 5 digital projects, 12 TV formats and 16 commercials. The announcement was made by Film Commission Torino Piemonte at the Cannes Film Festival, during the session “Piemonte on the move” in collaboration with Visit Piemonte for the promotion of the territory. Increasing results even compared to 2018 when 117 productions were realized in the territory.

During the session, in addition to the results of the past months, the promotional activities and strategies for the international market were presented. Film Commission Torino Piemonte and Visit Piemonte work together in territorial marketing activities, such as the creation of promotional videos with images from films shot in the territory, the sharing of photographic archives and film backstage videos, and the organization of promotional events.

This year the call for funding Piemonte Doc Film Fund has assigned 170,000 euros: 69,000 euros to 12 projects in development and 101,000 euros to 8 projects in production. The Short Film Fund has allocated 20,000 euros to 2 projects.

Film Commission Torino Piemonte will soon activate a new initiative, the Development Film TV Fund. The initial budget of 250,000 euros will be destined to production companies for projects in development.

For further information on the Development Film TV Fund consult Piedmont Region’s website.