Pesaro Film Festival is running these days and it is all about feminism in cinema. The event presents three sections Russian female gaze, A gaze on contemporary Spanish cinema and the History lessons. The latter is a retrospective on female cinema between 1968 and 1978, leaded by Federico Rossin.

All screened film have never been shown at any festival and are divided in themed events which deal with many topics like images, media, and the search for identity. Rossin also remembers how feminists have managed in redefining the relationship between reality and images, while Maria Nadotti, author and translator, identifies cinematographic feminism with activism and innovation.

Pedro Armocida, executive director of Pesaro Film Festival, highlights that all the films presented at the event are directed by women and that the Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema wants to emphasize fact rather than discussions, like what has emerged from the DEA report (women and audiovisuals): only 10% of the film in theaters is directed by females.