Cord Cutting is on the rise, in the United States more and more users are deciding to give up their pay TV subscription.

In the last three months alone, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, 1.2 million subscribers have cancelled their contracts. The numbers are also negative for cable TV, which has lost 1.1 million subscribers. So far, pay TV providers have lost a total of 2.8 million contracts, but these are not balanced by the new streaming subscriptions. SVoD services – such as DirecTV Now, Hulu, Sling Tv, YouTube Tv, Play Station Vue – have in fact earned a total of only 2.1 million. The crisis would also affect giants like Disney, its sports channel Espn alone has lost about 2 million subscriptions in the last year, along with Disney Channel which has dropped by about 3 million.

In the U.S. system, however, the crisis of pay TV does not fully worry the suppliers, as they are always the same to distribute other services, such as broadband connection, a sector instead in great expansion. The Italian market also seems to confirm the tendency to give up pay TV, favouring SVoD services by far, which is why Italian pay operators (Sky and Mediaset Premium) have already invested for some time in streaming platforms such as Now TV and Infinity.