Europe, 2027. Ultraconservative governments decided to send all those who attempt suicide to obligatory therapies and tattoo them with a semicolon – just like the moment in the sentence where it could end but still continues. Helena and Anna, both after suicide attempts, meet by accident. Helena (41) is a famous pianist hiding from the world and her husband, a politician from the ultraconservative Party of Light. Anna (27) leads a chaotic, yet colorful life. She is a daydreamer, planning an unrealistic journey to mysterious Patagonia – a land with free, wild horses that come back to her in dreamy fantasies. When her parole officer threatens Helena to sendher back to therapy for violating release rules, the two friends runaway to a motel hidden in the woods. Together with motel’s residents including Professor, the mysterious leader of the rebel movement, they create a bizarre community and finally find freedom and happiness. When the paramedics from the Suicide Center surround the motel, Anna kills herself jumping from a cliff, finally free as a wild horse. Months later Helena goes back on stage and performs a forbidden music piece. Now she is strong enough to break free from her husband and resist.

Directed by Agnieszka Zwiefka, Patagonia is produced by IzaIgel for Harine Film. It’s one of the project of MIA|Cinema Co-Production market & Pitching Forum. Learn more about this and the other projects clicking here.