Goodbye Paolo Rossi. Quoting Pele and Maradona, he was the greatest champion in the history of soccer, hitting goal after goal to take Italy to World Cup victory in the momentous July 11th 1982.

Paolo Rossi has been one of the protagonists of 2019 MIA edition with the documentary Paolo Rossi – A Champion is a Dreamer Who Never Gives Up presented,  under Rossi’s moved gaze, in the Bio Doc session of the MIA Doc division, curated by Marco Spagnoli.

From the field to the grandstand, Paolo Rossi has lived a movie-like life, which will remain crystallized in the collective imagery, as it is told in this 90-minute documentary, which retraces not only his amazing career but also his fascinating life path – from poverty to the fulfillment of his dream to be World Champion – throughout an important part of Italian history, the Seventies and Eighties, when he became “Pablito”.