More than 500 projects were submitted this year for the Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum for Animation, Doc, Drama and Film, from 80 countries worldwide (+30% of countries compared to 2022). Of these, 62 were selected (15 Animation, 18 Doc&Factual, 14 Drama, 15 Film) from 36 countries. 

An increase in international interest towards MIA proves the progressive growth of the relevance of the Roman market. 2022 welcomed over 2400 participants from 60 countries (+20% compared to 2021).

MIA’s Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum is today one of the leading international co-production forums. It is aimed at audiovisual projects of animation, documentaries, series and films, destined to theatrical distribution, television and streaming platforms. Selected works will be presented – almost all in world premiere – within the Pitching Forums of the 4 divisions (Animation, Doc&Factual, Drama and Film) in order to find co-production partners, buyers and funding partners: a unique opportunity for international co-productions.