On Demand service grows by 5% due to social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, results could vary depending on the economic consequences of the pandemic.

According to Strategy Analytics, to quarantine and social distancing have significanty contributed to the growth of On Demand services. However, the growth coul be relative to a short term period of time, so for a long term analysis it will be necessary to determine the effects of the pandemic on the global economy.

Strategy Analytics esteems that by the end of 2020 the number of subscribers will amount to 949mln, with an increase of 47mln from the previous forecast. USA and China represent the 65% of global subscribers.However, European subscribers are becoming more important in the market. In fact, the launch of Disney + in Europe has generated a total of 5 million downloads in one single day. The platform has been launched in seven countries, at a time where most of Europeans are self isolating at home.

However, the On Demand service grows in relation to its market. According Global Svod Forecast, the market is already filled and results of the On Demand growth will depend on the economic aftermath of the pandemic.