Nowhere is centered on the solitary existence of João, a 35-year-old physical education high school teacher, following his journey from the moment he, sitting on his red van outside his job, decides to skip work to meet an older man with whom he keeps an online relationship.
João and Xavier spend the day together in an inhospitable place, an old cabin in the woods. Despite the deep connection that João feels, Xavier doesn’t seem to be equally committed. The morning after, João wakes up alone in the empty cabin. Confused, he wanders through the woods searching for his companion. Xavier is nowhere to be found.
Unable to immediately process his situation, João lingers in the place inde nitely, waiting for Xavier to return, developing new and unexpected routines. Nowhere grows around the impossibility of a life without love.

Nowhere by  Marco Leão and André Santos (Blackmaria),  is one of the projects selected for the MIA | Cinema Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum. To find out more on this and all the other projects, click here.