A new Decree-Law for the audiovisual sector has been approved, facilitating TV broadcasters and VoD services in the promotion of Italian and European works by modifying their programming and investment obligations.

The Decree-Law No 59/2019 was approved on June 26th, 2019 on the proposal of the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Alberto Bonisoli. The entry into force of the obligations is postponed to January 1st, 2020.

In detail, the modifications concern the television broadcasters’ programming and investment obligations in Italian productions. The Decree-Law reduces the percentages of Italian works that broadcasters are obliged to air and the percentages of investment in national productions.

The Decree-Law also modifies VoD services’ obligations. The modifications, which provide for greater alignment with traditional television broadcasters, are in favor of Italian original productions, no longer limited to cinematographic works only.

The Decree also provides over € 35 million to finance the activities of the MiBAC. € 15.4 million were already supplied by 2019 Budget Law, while € 19.4 million coming from the Gioco del Lotto are intended for the protection of cultural heritage.

ANICA President Francesco Rutelli has declared to ANSA that “the measures adopted by the Government are to be positively welcomed”.

You can find here Article 3 of the Decree-Law No 59/2019.