Topic, the streaming platform owned by First Look Media, has acquired four European thrillers from TF1 and distributor Newen Connect, owned by Newen Studios, in the United States and Canada.

Christian, Dough, The Spectacular and White Sands will join the catalog of exclusive crime stories and thrillers from around the world.

This is the first-ever agreement between the two companies. Topic thus seeks to increase its offering of “truly unique and well-crafted crime stories that can’t be found anywhere else” said Jennifer Liang, vice president of programming strategy, acquisitions and sales at Topic.

Christian is a six-episode series produced by Lucky Red for Sky Italia that follows a resident of a rough neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome who seems to have the power to heal people with his hands.

Dough, on the other hand, is an eight-episode crime drama about a divorced, financially struggling mother in a Stockholm suburb who starts leading a double life when she accidentally finds five million euros. It was commissioned by SVT in Sweden and the producers are Lisa Berggren Eyre and Martin Söder of Nexiko and Inland Films.

Produced by the Dutch Pupkin and VPRO, the four episodes of The Spectacular are based on a true story and follow the events of an academic recruited for criminal investigations into violent IRA attacks on British soldiers stationed in the Dutch region of Limburg.

The eight-episode series White Sands tells of an undercover expert and a homicide detective who, pretending to be a married couple, are secretly sent to a Danish beach town to solve the murder of a young German man. The series was produced by Deluca Films and TV2 in Denmark.

These four critically acclaimed series reinforce our goal of curating and delivering the best crime-themed offerings around the world” Liang said.