The TV one-to-one pitch session Netpitch Television took place on 22 June 2017 at Villa Blanc; the project was created by APT (Television Producers Association) and WGI (Writers Guild Italia).

Sponsored by RAI Fiction, Mediaset, Fox Networks Group, 100Autori, Anac and in partnership with Luiss Business School, the project involved collaboration of many production studios which welcomed enthusiastically this interesting opportunity to dialogue with writers through the accurate selection of 61 projects and the following participation at the one-to-one pitch session: 11marzofilm, Alexandra Cinematografica, Anele, Anthos, Aurora, Casanova, Clemart, Cross Production, IIF, Kobalt, Paypermoon, Pepito, Publispei, Red Film, Viola Film and Notorius Pictures.

APT President Giancarlo Leone was present at the event and hoped for an upcoming season involving writers, producers and broadcasters for an increasingly efficient integration between projects and their implementation.

Many personalities took part in this initiative: WGI President Carlo Mazzotta, Rai Fiction Director Eleonora Andreatta, Rai Fiction Executive Michele Zatta, Mediaset Executive Francesca Galiani, Roma Lazio Film Commission President Luciano Sovena, Roms Lazio Film Commission Director General Cristina Priarore, APT Director General Chiara Sbarigia, MIA Director Lucia Milazzotto, MIA Tv Supervisor Francesca Tauriello and Luiss Creative Business Center Director Luca Pirolo.