Netflix announced the first Engagement Report, which is the publication of titles with the most hours of global viewing. Numbers secreted until now, despite constant requests for more information on viewing numbers that would tell the story of people’s choices in front of the platform’s catalog.

The first report covering the six-month period January-June 2023, as Vice President of Strategy and Analysis Lauren Smith explained, “covers more than 18,000 titles representing 99 percent of all viewing on Netflix and nearly 100 billion hours of viewing.” More than 60 percent of Netflix titles released between January and June 2023 appeared in Netflix’s weekly Top 10.
Netflix’s decision “to disclose data on the global viewing hours of more than 18 thousand catalog titles recorded in the first half of 2023 is historic in scope and paves the way for awareness and transparency,” comments Undersecretary for Culture Lucia Borgonzoni in a note, who also notes “the popularity of non-English-language titles that make up 30 percent of our viewings in the first half of the year.”

Among the most popular non-English-language titles in the past year cited by Smith, Lidia Poet’s The Law: Season 1 starring Matilda De Angelis stands out (127th place). Continuing with Italian titles, the film with the most viewing hours is Cosimo Gomez’s Il Mio Nome è Vendetta starring Alessandro Gassmann (579th /oth place), followed by the first (599th place) and second (600th place) seasons of Mare fuori, which is not among the titles available globally. While among Italian films there is among others, Era ora by Edoardo Leo (605th place).

In the overall list, 55 percent of viewings come from Netflix original titles and 45 percent from licensed titles, such as the legal drama Suits, which also starred Meghan Markle.
The first half-year report, which mixes movies and TV series, sees the top ten crowded with series such as the first season of the spy thriller series The night agent (starring Gabriel Basso) with 812 million and 100 thousand hours of global viewing in the first six months of the year, followed in second place by season 2 of the family dramedy series Ginny & Georgia with 665 million and 100 thousand hours of viewing (also back in ninth place with the first season); in third place is the South Korean revenge series The Glory.

Off the podium the list continues with the first season of Wednesday; Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story; You: Season 4; La Reina del Sur: Season 3; Outer Banks: Season 3, FUBAR. Only in 14th place in the report do we find the first film: the thriller The Mother by Niki Caro starring Jennifer Lopez.


PhotoCredits: Foto di John-Mark Smith su Pexels