Announced the three new calls for proposals related to the third ‘National Plan Cinema and Images for School’ for the school year 2022/2023 with an endowment of € 54 million.

The National Plan Cinema and Images for School (CiPS), born from the Cinema Law of 2016 and promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture – Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo and the Italian Ministry of Education – Direzione Generale per lo studente, l’integrazione e la partecipazione, aims to strengthen the cinematographic and audiovisual language in schools of all levels as an educational tool so as to facilitate learning and be used transversally in curricular paths.

The calls for proposals to accomplish the activities provided by the National Plan are:

  • Cinema and Audiovisual at school – Projects of national relevance“;
  • Cinema and Audiovisual at school – Projects of territorial relevance“;
  • The cinematographic and audiovisual language as an object and an instrument of education and training“.

The three calls for proposals will be available on the web platform which will open on March 14, 2022.