At last the National Collective Labor Agreement for Dubbing, which was stopped in 2008, has been renewed, after a long negotiation conducted by ANICA with the trade unions Slc-Cgil, Fistel-Cisl and Uilcom-Uil.

“I learn with satisfaction,” says Undersecretary for Culture Lucia Borgonzoni in a note, “the news of the agreement signed between the parties from which a new basic contract for dubbing sector workers, a result awaited since 2008. At last, a significant turning point in the negotiations thanks to the elaboration of a text that is in step with the times – and in fact takes into account the transformations due to the most recent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence – and that aims at the valorization and just recognition of the work of dubbers, great professionals who represent a pride for Italy.”

In addition to the article dedicated to artificial intelligence, there is also talk of wage recovery in the face of a reduction in the pace of work: “Among the qualifying novelties of the new agreement is the inclusion of an entire article dedicated to artificial intelligence, and the addition of a wage recovery in the face of a reduction in work rhythms, in favor of a substantial improvement in the quality of performance and therefore of the final product,” reads a joint note from Anica and the unions.

The note concludes, “In addition, this renewal marks the beginning of a new phase of bargaining for social dialogue, a solid basis for the continuous and constructive improvement of negotiations, with the aim of making the contract always perform in response to changes in the market. With this signing, a decisive breakthrough has been made in changing industrial relations.”

PhotoCredits: Pexels