The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) establishes a permanent table for the entertainment sector for the Coronavirus emergency, divided into a live entertainment and a cinema and audiovisual division.

In the cinema and audiovisual section, chaired by the DG Cinema and Audiovisual, there is a representative for each of the following organizations: 100 Autori, AGICI, ANAC, ANEC, ANICA, APA, APE, CGIL, CISL, CNA, FIDAC, UGL, UIL, UNITA, Univideo.

The table, which is open to new integrations of associations and organizations in the sector, examines the problems related to the health emergency and evaluates the adoption of appropriate initiatives relating to measures to face the health emergency, with particular attention to the protection of workers.

Minister Dario Franceschini has declared: “The permanent table for entertainment and cinema is born, necessary for constant listening to all the realities of these sectors heavily affected by the pandemic. The ongoing dialogue in recent months has made it possible to adopt important shared measures. It is time to make this dialogue a working method”.