An original approach and powerful stories are the distinctive feature of the films selected for C EU Soon 2020.
With Atomic Hope, the Irish director and producer Frankie Fenton describes the ecological movement from an unusual and controversial perspective: combatting climate change using atomic energy and nuclear stations, a topic at the core of a heated and conflictual debate. His first work, It’s not yet dark, was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.
Dark heart of the forest (Le coeur noir des forêts) is a teenage drama played by two young talents to keep tabs on: Quito Rayon Richter is the restless Nikolaï, whose life is spent between care homes and foster families and Elsa Houben, the intriguing and cheeky Camille. This is the first feature film by the Belgian Serge Mirzabekiantz, who had already been noticed for his short film The Birds’ Blessing, selected in various international films festivals. The film is produced by Belgian Hélicotronc in co-production with the French Sacrebleu Productions.
From Georgia comes Kote Kalandadze, director, screen-player, producer and musician, with his first work The Drummer (Drameri).
Niko plays the drums in an underground band of Tbilisi, and earns his life working in a factory; he lives with his grandfather, a disabled jazz musician. His life will take an unexpected turn after he meets the charismatic dealer Kogo.
The Penultimate (Den Næstsidste) by Danish Jonas Kærup Hjort is the story of a bland water inspector: while taking a routine measurement in a building he finds himself trapped in a kafkian web of events and obstacles. The film, which was already selected as a project at Mia film Coproduction Marked in 2018,is the first feature film of Kærup Hjort, who graduated at the Danish Film School with the short film A Month, winner of various prizes and awards.
In Sea of Time ( Zee van tijd) a terrible accident during a sailing trip marks the lives of two young lovers. Theu Boermans, awarded actor and director known for the successful musical Soldier of Orange comes back to cinema with a story about second chances.
Slightly Open doors (Злегка прочинені двері), an essential drama on a young man dealing with a grotesque family context, is the debut feature by Ukrainian Khachatur Vasilian and Olexandr Bykov .
Also from Ukraine comes Stepne, Maryna Vroda’s debut feature, awarded in Cannes in 2011 with the short film Cross-country. An old man goes back reluctantly to his small Ukrainian home village to the bedside of his dying mother. In the background, the estrangement of the contrast between a life style on the brink of extinction and modern post-soviet world.

The seven films (five first films and two second films, European productions and co-productions) have been selected by an international jury composed of Ana David, (film programmer), Bobby Allen (Senior Vice President a MUBI) and Alexis Hofmann (Head of Acquisitions at Bac Films).
Finalists will be presented to an audience of distributors, sales agents and festival programmers on 16 October at 10.30 am in the sala Arancera at Palazzo Barberini and after the session buyers will vote the most promising work.
The films will compete for the Screen International Buyer’s choice Award, namely a special press coverage that the prestigious English trade paper will devote to the film throughout its life cycle, from production to release and future debut at film festivals.

C EU Soon 2020

ATOMIC HOPE by Frankie Fenton (Ireland)
Produced by Kathryn Kennedy and Frankie Fenton (Kennedy Films)
DARK HEART OF THE FOREST (Le coeur noir des forêts) by Serge Mirzabekiantz (Belgium, France)
Produced by Anthony Rey (Hélicotronc, Belgium), Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu Productions, France)
SEA OF TIME (Zee van tijd) by Theu Boermans (Netherland)
Produced by Maarten Swart (Kaap Holland Film), Peter Bouckaert (Eyeworks Film & TV Drama BVBA)
SLIGHTLY OPEN DOORS (Злегка прочинені двері), by Khachatur Vasilian & Olexandr Bykov(Ukraine)
Produced by Oleg Shcherbyna, Sergii Amelichev, Julia Chernyavska (Stage Service, Ukraine)
STEPNE by Maryna Vroda (Ukraine, Germany, Poland)
Produced by Maryna Vroda (Vroda Studio, Koi Studio)
THE DRUMMER (Drameri) by Kote Kalandadze (Georgia)
Produced by Elene Margvelashvili (Parachute Films)
THE PENULTIMATE (Den Næstsidste) by Jonas Kærup Hjort (Denmark Norway)
Produced by Rikke Tambo Andersen (Tambo Film, Denmark), Gary Cranner (Chezville, Norway)

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