Spider-man: Far From Home exceeds the results of  Annabelle Comes Home in the first week of release, which falls to second place, followed by Toy Story 4. Check out the whole ranking of the weekend from 11 to 14 July 2019.

The new release Spider-man: Far From Home grossed € 3,795,534 in its first weekend (€ 5,283,182 in total) surpassing Annabelle Comes Home (€2.537.317 in total), gets the second place with € 534,920 and Toy Story 4 remains at the third place with € 922,047 (€ 4,586,210 total in three weeks).

Another new release is Domino by Brian De Palma which wins the fourth place with € 161.085 of takings on its first weekend in theatres, followed at fifth place by The Secret Life of Pets 2 (€3.414.005 of total incomes) with € 75.023 six weeks after the release. Aladdin is in sixth place with € 67,188 (€ 15,121,568 in total), released 8 weeks ago it’s the Top Ten movie which has been in theaters for the longest time. 

At the seventh position we find Nureyev – The White Crow with € 62.629 on the weekend and €612.990 from the release, in eighth The Professor (€1.334.995 of total income) with € 62.629 and Restiamo Amici with € 62.233 is ninth with €326.829 total. Last but not least, the new entry Welcome Home with an income of € 56.459.

The highest revenues films are still serial productions, with the booming debut of Spider-man: Far From Home which has managed to overtake Toy Story 4 in total takings just one week after the release. The other new releases do not manage to impose themselves in the ranking, except for Domino, which still has much lower results than the three films on the podium.