In the golden age of seriality, what is most required on a production level is without a doubt the ability to create worlds that can generate endless stories. And this is what video games have always done. This subject was at the center of the panel Creative Emotions- Narrative Gaming vs Scripted Storytelling: Win the Audience in the Center Field, where the speakers Alessandro Bragalini (Art Director and Concept Artist, Forge Reply, Italy) Pietro Righi Riva (Studio Director, Santa Regione, Italy), Stefano Sardo (Screenwriter, Italy), Riccardo Tozzi (CEO, Cattleya, Italy), Gerardo Verna (CEO, Trinity Team, Italy) and Luca Dalcò (CEO, LKA, Italy) explained how much the audiovisual world has yet to learn from video gaming experience.

During the panel, the speakers also talked about their experiences and presented their titles, suchas The Town of Light and the new Marta is Dead (LKA) and The Lone Wolf, a videogame remake of the famous gamebook saga (Forge Reply), as well asTheseus (Forge Reply) as an example of VR experience.

“What is happening right now in the serial world iscentered on the relationship between the story and its audience,” explains Riccardo Tozzi, “it’s a game between the creator and the viewer. Video games have a similar language: the user no tonly plays, butchooses his own path, defragmenting the narrative. The two worlds are converging, from acreative and industrial collaborative perspective ”

“There is enormous freedom,” continued Stefano Sardo, “especially regarding the possibility of exploring different genres. Video games arecuttingedgein this way too, since they offer enormous possibilities.”