For the first time, Mediaset and Prime Video, Amazon’s on-demand streaming service, have signed an agreement for the distribution of Made in Italy, a new Italian TV series on Italian fashion in the 1970s, presented at MIA 2018’s GREENLit.

The great stylists, the original clothes, the creativity, the talent, the excesses: in a great work of historical reconstruction, in eight episodes, conceived and curated by the production company TaoDue of the Mediaset group. The cast includes Marco Bocci, Eva Riccobono, Raoul Bova, Stefania Rocca, Claudia Pandolfi, Margherita Buy and Nicoletta Romanoff.

It will be possible to see Made in Italy on Prime Video next autumn. After that, the series will be broadcast on absolute first TV on Canale5.

For the first time, Amazon Prime will invest in the first viewing rights for an Italian TV series. Equally, for the first time, Mediaset allows the preview transmission of its own unpublished content on a third-party streaming service.

The agreement, besides being a symbol of productive quality and modernity of the new Mediaset serial contents, represents a great opportunity in economic terms and an acknowledgment in artistic terms.