Last Tuesday Apple added Amazon Prime Video to its OTT platform Apple TV, increasing the offering with the Amazon’s original products. This decision fits in the general turmoil of the end of the year which is completely changing the international audiovisual landscape.

The negotiations between 21st Century Fox and Disney are coming to a resolution and this merge will have repercussions also on the OTT platform Hulu, where both Fox and Disney have 30% of the stake. On the other hand, there’s still hope for the deal between AT&T and Time Warner, although the Department of Justice blocked the negotiations.

Market is adapting to a new wave, which is dragging clients from the traditional services to OTTs, first of all Amazon and Netflix, which gained 25 billion dollars this year. Traditional medias lost the 3,1% of their annual incomes. This “cord-cutting” phenomenon is forcing traditional medias to mobilitate to keep their position on distributive platforms. An example is the recent merge between Discovery and Scripps.