Directed by: Patricia Ortega
Country: Venezuela
Production Co: Mandrágora Films


Cruz is 75 years old. She has been married for 40 years, she no longer remembers the last time she had an orgasm. She and her husband are like two ladies who share the same bed. Her daughter decides to emigrate and Cruz must learn how to use the Internet to communicate with her. After a lot of practice, Cruz successfully completes her first video call. An announcement surprises her: “You have won a million dollars.” She clicks and opens a pornographic website: penetrations, fluids and exciting groans. From that moment onwards, the Internet becomes a temptation. Cruz struggles every day not to give in but curiosity wins the battle. She sneakily plunges into a world of eroticism, which leads her to meet the “illuminated vagina.” She is giant and emits some luminous rays from inside. This image impacts her, arouses desire, fantasies and erotic games with strangers. What begins as mischief becomes something more intimate. Cruz begins to question her life and faces a complex challenge: to follow the beliefs that dictate how to behave as a correct woman or to surrender to the impure search for the first orgasms of her life.

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