The profits of Lux Vide have doubled, with a €1.2 million coupon for its partners and revenues of €58 million for 2017.

This has been a golden year for the Lux Vide. The Italian production company founded by Ettore Bernabei has gathered countless achievements, as shown by all the financial data. Revenues for 2017 remained at €58 million, with profits of €5.3 million, twice as much than the 2.4% attained in 2016. The group’s shareholders also had a very good year and they have collected a coupon of 1, 2 million euros, compared to the €600 thousand from the previous year.

Likewise, Lux Vide accounts have obtained excellent results, confirming the success achieved on TV. In 2017 the production company led by Matilde Bernabei gave birth to many well-acclaimed TV series for RAI TV, such as the long-lasting Don Matteo (now in its eleventh season) along with the spin-off Complimenti per la Connessione (Congratulations for the Connection), but also Medici – Masters of Florence (second season), and Non Dirlo al Mio Capo (Don’t Tell My Boss). The projects in the pipeline: Third season of Medici – Masters of Florence, Fifth season of Che Dio ci Aiuti (May God Help Us) and One Step from Heaven, and season of L’isola di Pietro.