Lucisano Media Group, leader of the Italian group active in production and distribution in the cinematographic and television sector, has announced to have signed a license agreements with TIM and MUBI.

The group has signed a license agreements with TIM including 41 film works with sale of a selected package of film for the platform TimVision and a selection of 18 film for MUBI.

TIMvision offers in its catalogue almost 40 films licensed by the society in 2017, while MUBI is distributor, producer and subscription-based streaming OTT service which offers online streaming of a curated selection of films.

The AD of Lucisano Media Group Federica Lucisano claimed: “Those agreements are the results of our effort aimed at promoting projects in every step of the value chain, as well as a confirmation of the well-established partnership with TIMvision. The audiovisual quality content request is rising and our strategy to increasingly embrace digital opportunities is going to be successful”.