We would like to congratulate the team of Love and Bullets for their great success in achieving 5 David di Donatello Awards, among which the best picture prize:  the statuette for best supporting actress went to Claudia Gerini and the award for best costume design was given to Daniela Salernitano (which tied with Massimo Cantini Parrini for Riccardo va all’Inferno), while Pivio & Aldo de Scalzi got the prize for best score. The best original song went to “Bang Bang”, by Pivio & Aldo de Scalzi, Nelson, Serena Rossi, Franco Ricciardi and Giampaolo Morelli. The film, directed by Manetti Bros and set in the Gulf of Napoli, had been presented in MIA What’s Next Italy 2016.

Congratulations also to Nico, 1988 (What’s Next Italy 2016), which scored a few more statuettes:  best screenplay to Susana Nicchiarelli, best makeup artist to Marco Altieri, best hair stylist to Daniela Altieri and best sound to Adriano di Lorenzo, Alberto Padoan, Marc Bastien, Eric Grattepaine and Franco Piscopo.
Donato Carrisi, the director of another production presented in  MIA|Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum 2016, The Girl in the Fog, received the prize for debut director.
Last, but not least, Cinderella the Cat, which was also presented in MIA in an Animation focus, takes homes two statuettes: best producer to Luciano Stella and Maria Carolina Terzi, and best digital effects to Mad Entertainment.