Fabio Fazio’s L’Officina gives the numbers: in just 6 months of activity in 2017, the production company collected 3.83 million euros.

Last September, the production company L’Officina (Che tempo che fa, very famous Italian show) renewed its annual contract with RAI television, also for the 2018/2019 season. From the accounts of L’Officina it can be seen that the production for State TV 32 first Sunday evenings and 32 second Monday evenings have a cost for Rai of 10.3 million euros per year (159 thousand per episode).
In 2017 alone, the production company received L’Officina €3.83m in revenues with €112,000 in profits. The company (founded in July 2017) is 50% controlled by Fabio Fazio and 50% by Magnolia spa.