Genova-Liguria Film Commission has published a new call for proposals reserved for cinema and audiovisual productions for a total budget of € 1 Million.

After the success of the first call (opened in November 26, 2018, and closed in January  15, 2019) the Genova-Liguria Film Commission publishes a second one from May 30 to June 28, 2019. The aim is to foster the growth of local, national and international production companies by supporting the development and the production of audiovisual.

The call is divided into two sub-measures; the first is for the development, a support for Liguria-based audiovisual production companies that want to start a new project, identify partners that co-produce, participate in sector events and attract financing. The second sub-measure is for the production, a support for national and international companies of audiovisual production in order to produce audiovisual works on the  Liguria Region. The € 1 Million fund is destined for 80% to the production and the remaining 20% ​​to the development.

Between the eligibility criteria, there is a minimum economic impact for the regional territory: 20% of the days of shooting  or 20% of the estimated spending and 6 days of further film processing must have place in the area.

Thanks to the Genova-Liguria Film Commission’s work, from 2014 to 2018 production days increased from 225 to 480 and the number of productions also increased, from 100 in 2014 to 127 in 2018.

More informations are available on the Liguria Region’s website.