The Les Arcs Film Festival unveiled the programme of its 9th edition, which will take place on 16-23 December 2017. Among the ten films in the main competition there is Nico, 1988 by Susanna Nicchiarelli (What’s Next Italy 2016), winner of the Orizzonti Section at Venice. The other titles are Mademoiselle Paradis by Barbara Albert, La mauvaise réputation by Iram Haq, Beyond Words by Urszula Antoniak, Scary Mother by Ana Urushadze, Lean On Pete by Andrew Haig, Le Capitaine by Robert Schwentke, Disappearance by Boodewijn Koole, The Charmer by Milad Alami and Arrhytmia by Boris Khlebnikov.

Playtime programme features three other Italian films: Ugly and Nasty People (Brutti e Cattivi) by Cosimo Gomez (What’s Next Italy 2016), Call me by your name (Chiamami col tuo nome) by Luca Guadagnino and Emma (Il colore nascosto delle cose) by Silvio Soldini. The Hauteurs section features After the War by Annarita Zambrano.

The complete programme is available in the Festival’s website.