L’EDAT IMMINENT by Col·lectiu Vigília, Clara Serrano Llorens, Gerard Simó Gimeno, produced by Mireia Graell Vivancos (Ringo Media), that was selected at C EU Soon in 2023, will screen in the official selection of the next Giffoni Film Festival (Generator +16).

Generator + 16 films tackle a variety of critical topics everybody can relate with, adults and young people alike. L’EDAT IMMINENT (sold internationally by Outplay Films) explores the theme of family responsibilities through the story of Bruno, an 18-year-old boy caring for his elderly grandmother, Natividad, who is the only family he has ever known. As Natividad’s need for care grows, Bruno’s life becomes increasingly constrained. When the opportunity to take her to a nursing home arises, both will have to deal with a decision they had not allowed themselves to consider before.