As we had already anticipated in one of our previous articles, the next major project of Rainbow, in partnership with Netflix, is to expand the audience of Winx by turning the cartoon into a “live action” series (for more info., read here).

But this is not the only big debut for fairies. In fact, Iginio Straffi, president and founder of Rainbow, intends to bring Winx to Piazza Affari stock market by June, most likely in the Star Segment, or in those markets where companies have a very rapid growth. This decision is based on the following figures: 86.6 million euros in revenues in 2017 (half of which come from abroad), a growth of over 17% and a gross operating margin of 26.4 million. Thanks also to the acquisition of 60% of the Iven group, a turnover increase of over 100 million is expected over the next three years. This agreement is supported by the company’s history and position: its cartoons are distributed by more than 150 TV stations and watched by almost 200 million people, the company has more than twenty years of history and it occupies the eleventh position worldwide and the first in Europe in the ranking of the 150 Global Licensors. The concessions of Rainbow characters are all granted with licenses and around 500 of those have already been signed. Straffi had evaluated the possible entry into Piazza Affari ten years ago, concluding that it was still too early for the company, so he preferred to focus on the contents and then re-evaluate this possibility later in the future.