Lazio Region has published a new call for proposals reserved for cinema and audiovisual productions for a total budget of € 9 Million.

New contributions to Italian and international cinematographic and audiovisual productions have been provided by the Lazio Region through an annual fund of € 9,000,000. Applications deadline is May 23, 2019. The production companies can request the grant for the works, first of all, whose filming has been completed within 31 December, 2018. In addition, works must be recognized as a “cultural product” and the productions must be take place in whole or in part on the territory of the Lazio region.

The grants are only provided for productions with a total minimum cost of € 30,000. For cinematographic and audiovisual works created by Italian corporations in co-production with foreign production companies, the amount of the grant is increased by 5% of the eligible expenses. Each company cannot submit more than four applications and the total amount of contributions cannot in any case exceed € 500,000.00 for each company.

More information available on the Lazio Region’s website.