The panel LAZIO CINEMA INTERNATIONAL FUND: A NEW FINANCING SCHEME FOR INTERNATIONAL CO-PRODUCTION MADE IN LAZIO was held today at the Nuovo Cinema Barberini as part of the 8th edition of MIA.

The event was aimed at presenting the “Lazio Cinema International” financing scheme, a regional fund that has supported 154 audiovisual works and 220 international production companies over the last seven years. The allocated budget is nine million euros. Applications can be submitted until 5th December 2022.

Various leading figures from the regional administration took turns on stage: Paolo Orneli, Assessore allo Sviluppo Economico Regione Lazio, Miriam Cipriani, Direttore Cultura Regione Lazio , Arturo Ricci, Responsabile ufficio progettazione Lazio Innova and Giovanna Pugliese, Delegata Cinema Regione Lazio, who indicated the various areas in which the fund will intervene, such as the promotion of arenas and festivals and the development of film schools.

All the guests explained the importance of such a manoeuvre, capable of attracting national and international investment as well as increasing employment and the training of new talent.

Among the participants was also Luciano Sovena, President of the Roma Lazio Film Commission, who emphasised the importance of the audiovisual sector, a “sector that drives Made in Italy” and for this reason deserves to be supported and promoted in the best possible way.