The Lazio Regional Council has approved the resolution that brings the Lazio Cinema International call for proposals to an allocation of 10 million euros.

Supporting international audiovisual co-productions between foreign and Lazio companies that realize artworks on the region’s territory, giving greater international visibility to Lazio, particular to places of artistic and cultural value. These are the goals of “Lazio Cinema International” which doubled the last window of its original call reaching 10 million euros, thus expanding support for co-production projects.

As reported in the Region’s press release, Councillor Orneli and the Head of the Lazio Region Cinema Office, Giovanna Pugliese, stated: “Thanks to the previous editions of this notice, over 52 million Euros have been co-financed for the production of 133 films promoted by Lazio audiovisual companies in partnership with foreign partners.So far there have been 188 foreign production companies involved in the projects, representing 29 countries.”