A new free on demand platform by Cairo Communication group, La7prime, has made its debut.

The platform currently presents a free offer of films and documentaries on history, culture and current affairs, selected every week: on the occasion of the American presidential elections, among the titles currently available, Fahrenheit 11/9 by Michael Moore, The Big Short by Adam McKay, and documentaries #UNFIT, Martin Luther King Jr. vs Malcolm X and Pepsi vs Cola; in addition to these titles, repertoire programs such as Giorgio Gaber’s monologue L’America, from the 1976 show Libertà Obbligatoria.

Andrea Salerno, director of La7, in fact declared: “In a moment like this, enhancing the site and a free offer is an act due to our viewers. A great effort by the Net that gives and will give the possibility to have a targeted and editorial choice on the issues at the center of current affairs. A space for cinema, docs, and I hope soon also for the theater. I thank the Gaber Foundation for the pearl it gave us for the birth of La7prime”.