La Ragazza nella Nebbia (The Girl in the Fog), 2015 bestseller by the Italian writer Donato Carrisi, has been presented at MIA 2016 for a screen adaptation by Colorado Film Production C.F.P. Srl. After one year, the film is a work-in-progress as Gavila Production, founded by Carrisi himself, joined the team. Gavila will also produce a tv series inspired by Il Suggeritore (The Whisperer), Carrisi’s first novel, winner in 2009 of Premio Bancarella. Also this tv series project has been presented at Drama Pitching Forum of MIA | TV 2016. Carrisi is not an amateur screenwriter: among his works, there are Casa Famiglia (Family Home) and Era Mio Fratello (He was my Brother) – Faso FilmRai Fiction -, Nassyria – per non dimenticare (Nassyria – don’t forget), Squadra Antimafia – Palermo OggiTaodue. Carrisi will also direct The Girl in the Fog.

The shooting begins in March 2017 and the cast consists of known Italian actors such as Alessio Boni for the main role of special agent Vogel, Toni Servillo and Diego Abatantuono.

The Girl in the Fog is the story of the disappearance of a girl in a mountain village, a criminal case that attracts remarkable media attention, also thanks to detective Vogel’s ability in manipulating media to obtain more funds for his cases. The Whisperer is about a Special Investigation Squad, that deals with the kidnapping of six young girls, probably murdered by a serial killer.